Welcome to the FAQ for Express Yourself! Buttons.
1. What's the purpose of this website?
This is the web site for the Android™ app 'Express Yourself! Buttons'.
With this app you can collect, create and share 80s style buttons.
You can also 'wear' them on the home desktop (they are desktop widgets).
That's it! :) Like with real buttons, it's just for fun… and style!
2. What is Android?
Android is a phone operating system.
There are many phones that are Android based, like the Droid, or the Evo.
3. Where do I get the Android app?
Please see this page.
4. Is the app available on iPhone™ or other operating systems?
Sorry, currently the app is only available on Android.
5. Is the app free?
The app is available for 1€ or $1.
There is also a free version which is identical, except it displays ads at the bottom of the screen.
6. How can I create my own button?
Well you're at the right place to create a button!
Create your account if you haven't done so already, and then login.
You'll be able to upload an image and resize/crop/adjust it to make your button.
It is also possible to create a button directly within the app, from your camera or your pictures!
7. I have a great idea that would improve the app, or I have a bug to report
We'll be glad to hear what you have to say - send us a mail.